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Published on September 15, 2017

Lakeer – Forbidden Lines 2004 Full Hindi Movie - Sunny Deol, Sunil Shetty, John Abraham

Full HD Bollywood Action Hindi Feature Films, Lakeer – Forbidden Lines 2004 Full Hindi Movie – Sunny Deol, Sunil Shetty, John Abraham.

The movie story deals with Karan and Bindiya both are childhood friends and live with Karan’s brother Arjun Rana.

Karan’s feelings for Bindiya are more than just of a friend, however she is unaware of his feelings and falls in love with Saahil. When Karan find this out, he warns Sahil to stay away from Bindiya. Sahil is humiliated by Karan’s friend Rony and tries to kill himself.

However, when Sahil’s brother Sanju finds him unconscious and badly wounded, he cannot control his anger and goes looking for Rony. However, when Sanju gets to the college he sees Karan sitting down, wearing Rony’s Jacket with his name on the back, starts beating him up in public. Karan is hospitalised when Sanju finds out that he has beaten Karan and not Rony.

Now Arjun Rana who is a very powerful & wealthy communist and gangster wants to avenge Sanju for badly beating up his brother. However, Arjun is unaware of Bindiya’s feelings for Sahil and Karan’s for Bindiya. Saahil advises Sanju to give up his violent ways.

Sanju hands himself to Arjun and gets badly beaten up by him. Saahil apologizes to Sanju. Saahil decides to leave Bindiya. Story moves 1 month later. Saahil starts working in a cafe. Bindiya tries to meet Saahil everyday but Saahil escapese very time.

But soon Bindiya and Saahil fall in love again. Sanju also approves her. Meanwhile Karan returns from hospital and decides to meet Arjun his love (Bindiya). Arjun is happy to know that Karan is in love with Bindiya. That night, Rony challenges Saahil for a fight. Saahil beats Rony and loses him in fight. Meanwhile, Karan proposes Bindiya. She tells him that she considers Karan as a best friend but loves Saahil. Karan becomes furious.

After beating Rony, Saahil takes his gun to kill Karan. Sanju enters Arjun’s bungalow to tell Arjun about Karan’s reality. He beats all the goons of Arjun. Arjun couldn’t control and starts beating Sanju. But Rony comes in aid and tells Arjun about Karan’s reality. Karan’s love turns to obsession and forces Bindiya to marry him on the spot.

But Saahil reaches there. A dangerous fight ensues between Saahil and Karan. Karan hits Saahil repeatedly with an iron rod on face and makes him unconscious. Arjun comes there to rescue Bindiya and talk to Karan. Karan shoots Sanju on arm.

Saahil regains consciousness. Karan is just about to shoot Bindiya and Saahil. Arjun shoots Karan with tears on his eyes. Karan dies on the spot. Arjun is heartbroken. Saahil, Bindiya and Sanju apologise and pacify Arjun saying that he was not wrong.

Lakeer – Forbidden Lines (2004) Full Hindi Movie | Sunny Deol, Sunil Shetty, John Abraham.

Lakeer 2004 Full Hindi Movie.