180 (Nootrenbadhu)

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Published on December 17, 2015

Siddharth comes to Kasi, where his thoughts and ideas on life and death undergo a sea change after he meets a young boy. He relocates to Chennai. A do-gooder, Siddharth with his jovial nature wins the heart of all those whom he comes across. Nithya Menon, a photo journalist meets Siddharth and falls for his good nature. But things take a turn when Nithya expresses her love to Siddharth. He quietly walks off the place but a rude accident to Nithya puts the responsibility on Siddharth’s shoulders to get her back to health. He takes her to USA for a surgery. Meanwhile a flashback reveals that Siddharth was a successful doctor in the U.S. and who led a happy life. He gets married to Priya Anand and all things go well until Siddharth is diagnosed of cancer and that he is just counting his days. Now the rest is all but whether Siddharth meets Priya or not, did he accept Nithya’s love or did he meet with his fate?